Brains Global is the leading international strategic consultancy and event organiser for education, ICT, science, research & innovation.

Headquartered in London with partner offices around the world, we have built a highly respected reputation over the last decade in providing expertise, high-level event management and round-the-year online communications in support of ministries of education, higher education and ICT.

Working with partner governments we have produced the most successful meetings-based summits to improve both the quality of education and advance accessibility to education along with the support of the world’s leading industry partners for education, ICTs, content delivery and e-learning.

We have also launched the Global Online Learning Alliance to act as a hub between government, industry and civil society to deliver online learning especially at times of prolonged periods of school closures. A constant communication between education industry leaders and government is necessary to respond to urgent demands and changing trends, accordingly the bi-monthly Brains Education Report will be delivered online through email and mobile phone channels to education decision makers in government.

The meetings-based summits have proved highly productive and enjoyable for all delegates over the last decade and our regular MENA Innovation and Innovation Africa summits provide the catalyst for creating multi-million dollar partnerships for the long-term development of education and ICTs for innovation.


Brains Global launched the Global Online Learning Alliance (GOLA) as a safe and productive place for government officials, multilateral agencies and civil society to produce policy recommendations in response to COVID-19 and the consequences it has for education in both the immediate term for continuity and the long-term for sustainability.


To further the agenda of stimulating improved access to and quality of education, Brains Global presents its highly acclaimed programme of events in 2021 in Africa and the Middle East.

Rabat, Morocco


Lusaka, Zambia