Our Mission

Brains Global launched the Global Online Learning Alliance (GOLA) as a safe and productive place for government officials, multilateral agencies and civil society to produce policy recommendations in response to COVID-19 and the consequences it has for education in both the immediate term for continuity and the long-term for sustainability. Our organising partners from Catalyst, Millennium@EDU and Radix Education spread the reach of GOLA worldwide with a team long experienced in championing innovation in education and ICT. Our video meetings provide a constructive and secure place for officials from around the world to collaborate and make genuine policy recommendations. With an unprecedented number of school closures in recent times and an overwhelming burden of new challenges, we are bringing the world’s education community together as part of the Global Online Learning Alliance. Please find more details of our video meetings below, which with the need for holistic engagement with solution providers allows limited yet essential participation of best in class industry partners.

Online Video Meetings

We host private video meetings for education & ICT officials in a unique format that is based around small private break-out rooms for governments & agencies to share their experiences and ideas. These are NOT webinars. The first private video meeting at the beginning of April was a listening exercise to hear the immediate challenges faced by governments and the purpose of the second video meeting was about how to address these challenges. 75 countries have now participated and the same common themes around teaching, pedagogy & assessment, ICTs, digital learning & delivery of content, and planning, policy & collaboration have emerged the world over.

Please take the time to download the reports (below) which are a succinct dissemination of the conference transcripts. Our policy is to summarise the key issues and recommendations, however, none of the quotes or what is said in the video meetings are made attributable to any one person.



Date TBC

“ICTs & Digital Learning – Improving Access & Management”


Thursday 9th July 2020

“Policy, Planning, Financing & Collaboration”


Wednesday 24th June 2020

“Teaching, Pedagogy & Assessment – Actions & Policy Recommendations”


Tuesday 28th April 2020

“Practical ICT for Education Policies: Short-Term Solutions & Long-Term Frameworks”


Thursday 2nd April 2020

“Global School Closures – Meeting the Challenges for Educators”

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Wednesday 28th October (09:00 GMT)

“Building Teacher Capacity and ICT Training for Blended and Online Learning”

In Partnership with HP


Thursday 17th September 2020

“Africa Special – Skills & Innovation for Jobs of the Future”

In Partnership with Intel


Tuesday 8th September 2020

Conferencia Virtual Privada”


Wednesday 12th August 2020

“From Learning Loss to Long-Term Resilience: Implementing Curriculum & Assessment Reform”

In Partnership with Cambridge


Monday 27th July 2020

“Asia Pacific: Lessons from COVID-19”

In Partnership with SMART Tech


Wednesday 22nd July 2020

“Digital Safeguarding for Learner Well-Being & Achievement”

In Partnership with Impero Software


Wednesday 1st July 2020

“Accelerated Recovery: Improving Outcomes with Blended Learning”

In Partnership with Whizz Education


Wednesday 17th June 2020

“School Re-Openings & Policies for Resilient Education, Post COVID-19”

In Partnership with Cambridge

The upcoming meetings schedule includes both our global and regional meetings – all committed to producing policy advocacy from the dedicated working groups.

GOLA video meetings are built around a special format of ensuring that all government & international officials participate in dedicated working groups to produce guidelines and policy recommendations.

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We are also providing further detailed insight into the practicalities of delivering online content and ensuring continuous education using e-learning technologies in the next edition of the Brains Education Report. If you wish to contribute to the Brains Education Report or you wish for your company to have a special feature on the services you are offering then please email

GOLA! Principles

  • To bring together government and industry to enact polices and deliver technologies & content for online education

  • Education for all – improve accessibility and the quality of education using e-learning tools​

  • To respond to the urgent needs of policy makers in providing solutions to the challenges they face during prolonged periods of school and university closures

Organising Partners